Overview of domestic PP market on November 3

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On November 3, PP Market Overview in various parts of China

the early quotation of PP market around Yanshan is not much. Sinopec continues to list all instruments that verify the quality or performance, which can be called Junping. It vigorously develops plastic granulator technology experimental machines that utilize renewable energy and industrial waste heat. Crude oil rises slightly and propylene falls sharply, and middlemen still lack confidence in the future. However, after a round of shipment at the end of the month, the current inventory of merchants is generally small, and there is a wait-and-see mood. At present, some merchants still quote 7000 yuan/ton for CNPC T30S, which is basically empty. Some T30S low-end prices are at yuan/ton, and the transaction is still negotiable. EPS30R also reported 7700 yuan/ton. K8303 is shipped, and k7726 in the early stage can be sold at the later settlement plus 50

petrochemicals continued to be listed for sale, the market trading atmosphere was cold, and traders continued to sell goods at low prices. Today, Zhenhai/Shaoxing T30S in Hangzhou reported at yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 reported at yuan/ton. The actual transaction is negotiable; The mainstream quotation of copolymer j340 is about yuan/ton, and Shanghai m180r is about yuan/ton. The overall number of transactions is limited

today, the PP quotation in Taizhou continued to fall, and the mainstream quotation of T30S fell to yuan/ton. Some transactions have also been preferential for "developing bulletproof materials for U.S. law enforcement agencies as an industry leader for more than 20 years"; V30g reported yuan/ton; Z30S is short of goods, and the quotation is not much. At present, there are few orders received by downstream factories, so the demand for raw materials is reduced and the transaction is weak

Shunde PP market is light, and the price continues to be weak and declining. At present, there are few local spot resources, and Maoming nt30s has no ticket to report about 6500 yuan/ton. Hainan and Dalian T30S without tickets are also basically reported at about 6500 yuan/ton. The mentality of businesses has not improved, and the mainstream continues to wait and see

the market atmosphere of PP in Shantou is light, and the price continues to decline slightly. At present, the counter delivery price of Fulian T30S is 6650 yuan/ton without tickets. Hainan v30g delivery price without ticket is 6650 yuan/ton. Businesses are still short and wait-and-see, with few market quotations

today, Sinopec Beijing PP continued to be listed, with poor market transactions over the weekend and lower middleman quotations. At present, most businesses have no or very few spot goods, so the quotation is relatively chaotic. Some merchants reported 6400 yuan/ton with tickets to Qingdao T30S factory, but some middlemen quoted higher prices for Zhongyuan T30S

the PP market in Guangzhou remains light, and the current price is slightly chaotic, but the overall trend is still not improving. The mainstream quotation of Maoming n-t30s is about 7000 yuan/ton, and the quoted low price of Dalian and Hainan T30S is 6900 yuan/ton. There are not many injection molding resources, and the mainstream quotation of v30g is about 7300 yuan/ton. There are few copolymerization resources

today, propylene monomers continued to fall sharply, traders' mentality was poor, and they continued to sell goods at low prices. The mainstream quotation of F401 in Nanjing achieved innovative great progress, falling to yuan/ton, and T30S reported yuan/ton. The actual transaction was negotiable, and the price still had a downward trend; There are few resources in the copolymer market K8003, and the quoted price is about yuan/ton, and j340 is about 7600 yuan/ton. The downstream construction is insufficient, the demand continues to be weak, and the transaction is limited

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