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Overview of environmental protection in the market of major cigarette packaging materials (II)

1.2.5 usage

vacuum aluminized paper is widely used as lining paper in small cigarette box packaging in foreign countries. For example, except for calendered aluminum foil paper still used in Virginia Asia of the United States, Philip Morris Company has replaced it with direct aluminized lining paper in other branches. Vacuum aluminized paper is also widely used as cigarette lining paper in Europe. For example, in Germany with strong environmental awareness, aluminized paper has widely replaced calendered aluminum foil paper as packaging lining paper. In Germany, aluminized paper is classified as a single material (paper), while calendered aluminum foil paper is regarded as composite paper (aluminum and paper), and the tax of single material is far lower than that of composite materials, which promotes the wide application of aluminized lining paper. It is also gradually popular outside Germany, and now it has been extended to the second precision level, with Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Denmark as the choices

vacuum aluminized paper is a cigarette lining material that should be vigorously promoted. The problems that need to be improved include smoothness, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, crack cracking and formability

2 cigarette tongue paperboard

cigarette tongue paperboard refers to the paper used in the cigarette hard box packaging to support the cigarette box, mainly including aluminum foil composite paperboard, white paperboard and vacuum aluminized transfer paperboard, which changes the main products of the experimental machine

2.1 environmental performance of several kinds of paperboard

because the thickness of aluminum foil of aluminum foil composite paperboard is far greater than that of aluminum film of aluminum plated paperboard, the environmental performance of vacuum aluminum plated transfer paperboard is better than that of aluminum foil composite paperboard. In addition, the environmental performance of white paperboard is also very good because there is no composite aluminum foil. From the soil burial, water immersion, biodegradation and combustion experiments we have done, the degradation performance of aluminum plated cardboard and white cardboard is significantly better than that of aluminum foil composite cardboard. At present, aluminum foil composite cardboard, which is widely used in the market, can not be recycled as aluminum products or paper, and its environmental performance is poor

2.2 advantages and performance of vacuum aluminized transfer paperboard

vacuum aluminized transfer paperboard has good smoothness, high smoothness, bright color, bright appearance and strong visual impact, which can well improve the packaging grade of products; Good aluminized cardboard promotes the lightweight effect of each link of the industrial chain to reach the best. How should spring tester manufacturers choose? It also has excellent barrier property, and has remarkable moisture-proof and antioxidant effects; Good printing performance and machining performance, suitable for intaglio, relief, offset, flexo, silk printing, embossing, die cutting, and even embossing

2.3 usage

aluminized cardboard is widely used in cigarette packaging abroad. Some large domestic cigarette factories such as Kunming cigarette factory have used aluminized cardboard as cigarette tongue on their products. With people's understanding of the superior performance of aluminized cardboard and the improvement of the quality of aluminized cardboard products, the application of aluminized cardboard in cigarette products will be more and more

to sum up, aluminized cardboard and white cardboard with good environmental performance should gradually replace aluminum foil composite cardboard with poor environmental performance as cigarette tongue. In addition, using aluminized cardboard and white cardboard can also save costs

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