Overview of domestic liquid chlorine Market in Jul

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Overview of domestic liquid chlorine Market in July and market forecast in August

the domestic liquid chlorine market developed moderately in July. The transaction price of liquid chlorine fluctuated in a narrow range from north to south, and the demand in some regions increased, but there was a lack of sufficient driving force. Businesses still operated fast in and fast out. The internal consumption chain of chlor alkali enterprises is relatively ideal. The operating rate of PVC, epichlorohydrin, methane chloride and other bulk chlorine products is stable, and the volume of liquid chlorine commodities is reduced, which supports the price. PVC, bromine, propylene oxide and epichlorohydrin started well in East China, with strong demand for liquid chlorine and a steady rise in the market. The downstream demand in South China is flat, and the market is greatly affected by the surrounding areas. Due to the large choice of users in cross regions to purchase liquid chlorine, the transaction is not active, and the price decline is obvious. The increasing demand of downstream industries in North China has given a favorable support to the liquid chlorine market, which is slightly stronger. Major enterprises in Northwest China adjusted their internal product structure, with limited commodity volume and stable liquid chlorine sales. The liquid chlorine Market in Southwest China is generally stable. The transaction price of northeast liquid chlorine is close to the cost

at the end of the month, the regional prices of liquid chlorine are: 1450 ~ 1600 yuan/T in East China, 1100 ~ 1400 yuan/T in Central China, 1400 ~ 1550 yuan/T in South China, 0 ~ 1600 yuan/T for high-strength and high conductivity aluminum alloy, high-strength and high elastic copper alloy, high-performance magnesium alloy, titanium alloy material in North China 130 aerospace and other high-tech fields, 1300 ~ 1350 yuan/T in Southwest China, 1000 ~ 1300 yuan/T in Northwest China, 1200 ~ 1400 yuan/T in Northeast China

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aftermarket analysis

it is expected that the sales of liquid chlorine will be stable in August, and the prices in some regions will fall slightly. Main influencing factors: ① the trend of leading chlorine products tends to be stable, and the operating rate of chlor alkali enterprises will not fluctuate significantly; ② In East China and other regions where the expansion of caustic soda production is relatively concentrated, the volume of liquid chlorine commodities is concentrated on the market within the time limit for the production of chlor alkali products, which will inevitably lead to the oversupply of liquid chlorine in some regions and a slight drop in the price; ③ In the downstream industries, papermaking, non-ferrous metallurgy, pesticides, chemicals, tap water and other industries are in a stable period of consumption, and have a weak influence on the price trend of liquid chlorine. The control system software is the Windows XP operating system platform; ④ Due to the high temperature in summer, the risk of liquid chlorine storage and transportation increases, the rated transportation volume of tank cars decreases, and the transportation cost of single vehicle increases, which shortens the sales radius of liquid chlorine, makes the regional market characteristics more prominent, and weakens the impact of adjacent market prices

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