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On December 29, the new type of domestic plastic recycling plastic granulator was constantly optimized. The renewable material Market Overview

the PE market is difficult to get out of the dilemma of oscillation and deadlock. Many manufacturers have slowed down their purchases due to the Christmas holiday, and the short-term market is difficult to predict. Some downstream manufacturers said they believed that if Chinese manufacturers returned to normal production in January, the tight supply of polyethylene in China would be eased. In addition, some Chinese traders expressed concern that China's import prices may be close to the high level. On the whole, the positive news of some SINOPEC enterprises' production reduction and the continued high external market did not effectively boost the current market, but showed an oscillatory trend. In general, under the impact of a series of adverse factors, such as slow downstream demand, abundant resource supply, excessive price inflation, the pressure to withdraw funds from the food packaging film produced by the new brand of iquide XP at the end of the year, and the practice of petrochemical enterprises' monthly and year-end production and marketing rate assessment experimental machine is a mechanical equipment problem to obtain data mechanical properties, it is expected that the HDPE warehouse receipt market will still be difficult to get out of the dilemma of oscillation and deadlock next week

pp market is still shrouded in haze. The trend of PP market is weak, and the market is volatile and downward. The key is that due to the weak intention of downstream factories to receive goods, there is no sign of large-scale terminal demand. The decline was about yuan/ton. In terms of trading: the operating rate of downstream factories is generally insufficient, and sporadic procurement is basically maintained, while most traders operate cautiously. Although the supply of goods in hand is low, the intention to build positions is thin, so the actual transaction is relatively light. Traders are more pessimistic about the future market and operate more cautiously. The ABS market is depressed. Although the quotations of most domestic petrochemical enterprises are temporarily stable, the market is still a decadent scene

the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and that of import is yuan/ton; The price of ABS in Dongguan fell slightly. Due to the recent market decline, buyers dare not rush into the market; Shunde ABS quotation is stable, and the shipment of merchants is not smooth, but most merchants are unwilling to ship at a low price. Production and sales dynamics of manufacturers: domestic petrochemical manufacturers have normal production, stable price and general shipment. Market forecast: Although the price of domestic ABS market continues to decline in the early stage, there is still no significant change in downstream demand. Restricted by this, the market transaction is light, and the trend is difficult to improve. Recently, the market mentality is chaotic, and the middlemen have great resistance to shipping. Low price shippers are common, but some merchants' mentality is temporarily stable, waiting for the market to turn around

pvc market demand is cold. The PVC market is still depressed. Because there are few sources of goods on the market, the price is still strong. Because the demand is cold and all parties are more bearish, the transaction is poor. In terms of emerging materials in the North China market, due to seasonal factors, the mainstream price of PVC in Xiong County, Hebei Province is still around 7100 yuan/ton, and the downstream demand slows down. Therefore, the transaction is cold, and this situation is expected to continue for some time. The demand in the East China market is mainly low, so the PVC market trend is poor. The mainstream of ordinary electrical stone materials in Shanghai is mostly around 7150 yuan/ton, and some prices of 7100 yuan/ton also appear. The market is more wait-and-see, and the operation is more cautious. The PVC market in South China market and Guangdong region was as high as yesterday. The mainstream of ordinary calcium carbide was about yuan/ton, and some high-end resins were about 100 yuan/ton higher. The market arrival volume did not increase significantly, but due to poor demand, the operation of goods preparation was not obvious. It is expected that the future market will be sluggish until the Spring Festival

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