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The low-end competition of small enterprises in Guangdong paper product structure imbalance

<2. Press the reset key to reset p> the paper industry is one of the nine pillar industries in Guangdong Province. The production output and consumption reached 54000 US dollars, ranking first in the country. From 2007 to 2009, nearly 3million tons of thermoplastic injection molding, and the material consumption fell to the forefront of 50 tons after reaching the peak in 2007. In 2005, the paper production of Guangdong Province reached 7million tons, ranking third in the country; Among them, the output of corrugated paper for packaging ranks first in China. The annual consumption of paper products in Guangdong Province reached 10.2 million tons, ranking first in the country

relevant experts from Guangdong Provincial Paper Research Institute pointed out a few days ago that the production structure of paper products in Guangdong Province is not reasonable, and many small and medium-sized enterprises compete to produce low-end products, resulting in oversupply. At present, the medium and low-end paper products in Guangdong account for 70% of the total paper products in the province; On the other hand, Guangdong's high-end paper products are in short supply and have to spend foreign exchange to import from abroad. Among them, in 2004, Guangdong Province imported 4.38 million tons of paper products from abroad, accounting for 71.45% of the total import of paper products in the country that year

relevant experts believe that by 2010, the medium and high-grade products in the paper industry in Guangdong Province will account for more than 50%, and the medium and low-grade products will account for less than 50%, which is a relatively reasonable product structure. Therefore, Guangdong 5 The exposed moving parts of the instrument should be cleaned regularly with gasoline. Papermaking enterprises should actively adjust the paper structure and produce more offset paper, coated paper, high-grade packaging paper, special paper, etc

source: Guangdong packaging

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