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Editor's note: new technologies and new markets have always been the focus of attention, because only new technologies and new markets can bring tangible benefits to printing enterprises. Now, a new type of printing machine is popular on the other side of the ocean. In order to enable domestic enterprises to obtain first-hand information about this kind of printing machine, Bisheng launched the "secret weapon of low-cost UV flat panel printing machine that will benefit enterprises", hoping to bring you some inspiration

in the past few years, the development of image technology has been rapid. Among the new technologies and achievements, digital platform printing technology is particularly prominent in the field of professional image reproduction. This technology breaks the traditional rules and concepts of the printing industry - including the basic problems of what you can print, the minimum amount of printing and the substrate that can be printed

today, low-cost digital platform printing equipment is also changing the competition rules of our industry: your competitor may be a silk printing enterprise, or an exhibition service company looking for new revenue resources. Mr. Mike Robertson, President/ceo of SGIA, said: "Among SGIA members engaged in short edition printing, more than one regards digital lithography as a necessary weapon to participate in today's market competition. This kind of equipment is currently restructuring our industry. We have been hungry: engineering drawing printing agencies, logo and label production companies, photo agencies, lithography and other similar enterprises. Manufacturers have all focused on inkjet printing equipment. The emerging competitors initially focused on inkjet printing equipment In the platform printing technology. " SGIA recently visited two platform printing equipment suppliers with different market strategies: raster printers, a newly established company that has just entered the lithography market, and MacDermid colorspan, which has been manufacturing printing machines since 1985. We want to see the actual situation of this market

use of platform printer

the advantage of UV platform printer is that the UV curing ink it uses can be directly printed on wide substrate. As the president of raster printers (RPI), Mr. Rak Kumar said, "using UV platform printing equipment, we don't need to press the complex processes of placing the substrate and printing to produce, but we can print directly on the rigid substrate, and they are not afraid of stacking. This kind of printing equipment can print directly on the substrate of any texture." For the printing of pop and signs, using this printing equipment can save a lot of cost and time. In addition, the platform printing equipment can print on glass, ceramics, copper plates, doors and windows, leather and other materials. Rak told us that a famous manufacturer of sports shoes is using this equipment to print graphics on sports shoes. The platform printer can print directly on leather. And many other companies are also looking for new ideas to use this printing machine to print on more unusual substrates

Bruce Butler, marketing manager of MacDermid colorspan, said: "Using UV oil that solidifies instantly is more flexible. Ink is the secret of why the platform printing equipment has so many uses. The platform printing equipment is changing the professional image reproduction production technology. Printing pictures and texts directly on the substrate saves the processes of material handling, film splicing and drying, reduces the labor force, and thus greatly reduces the production cost. You can use the saved time to complete more orders It can also provide better services for customers. " Then Bruce Butler added that the biggest advantage of using platform printing equipment is that these printing equipment do not use solvent based ink, so it reduces the adhesion of harmful substances to employees' bodies - the degree of damage to the adhesion between the coating and the bottom layer

so far, only some large printing manufacturers can purchase UV lithography equipment. This has hindered many small enterprises from opening up new markets. With the launch of low-cost equipment below 100000 US dollars, small enterprises can also expand the market with the help of the new functions of the equipment. Rak said, "with platform printing equipment, printing enterprises can also provide customers with more choices. Take packaging for example, it is very time-consuming to use the traditional way to send the paper to the packaging area after printing. And the platform printing equipment provides a good help for those small enterprises with few staff and tight time."

new markets, New requirements

bruce introduced: "In the past, UV platform printing equipment was a huge and heavy metal big guy, which needed to occupy a large area. While small equipment with small size and low price was suitable for printing plants with small factory area. For example, many sign making agencies set up in commercial areas had limited workplaces and could not deal with the solvent volatilized from the ink at all, so small platform printing equipment was very suitable for their needs 。”

another market suitable for the introduction of digital platform printing machines is the application field of pure manufacturing. Rak introduced to us, "manufacturing companies buy such equipment and use it as a processing equipment on the production line to print self-use products that are repeatedly printed and not sold abroad. The printing needs of these products, from sports shoes, labels on production equipment to bathroom glass doors, can be met."

rak added: "you can see and discover the new uses of platform printing equipment anywhere. SGIA digital Expo has brought us a very good opportunity to show our printing machines. We come with joy and excitement." At present, raster printers is entering the international market including Australia and Japan

raster printers (RPI) believes that the price of platform printing equipment is very flexible. Rak said, "if you can sell 100 to 200 devices worth 200000 dollars in a year in a region, you will likely sell thousands of devices worth 50000 dollars and tens of thousands of devices worth 35000 dollars every year. The price of devices will continue to decline, and printers will rely on innovation to win customers, thereby helping printers and consumers expand the market."

how do equipment manufacturers reduce costs

there are many printing equipment manufacturers in China, but their quality is not first-class. Rak introduced his company's ideas: "We think so. Why not combine our own technology and production mode with Chinese enterprises to produce our own printing machines in China on the premise of quality control? In this way, the cost of completing part of the production process of printing equipment in China is only half of that in the United States, and then go to the United States to complete the final process, quality control and testing." Using this model, RPI's cost of producing a UV platform printer was reduced to $60000 instead of nearly $200000

RPI has sent engineers to the production base in China to inspect and supervise the quality control of products throughout the process. Rak and his R & D team come to China four times a year to personally inspect the production of factories and equipment. In addition, half of the processes of the products are completed in the United States, and each equipment must be finally assembled and tested in the United States. Rak said, "we use our own production technology to complete the production of equipment with the help of China's low-cost labor force when its functions and characteristics are not found. Today, many companies produce products in China, and adopt good supervision and management measures and controls to produce high-quality products."

on the one hand, RPI helps Chinese partners by providing them with comprehensive design technology of printing equipment. On the other hand, Chinese enterprises are committed to the refinement and production of product details

Bruce of MacDermid colorspan introduced to us, "we produce and process locally and design the production process by ourselves, so we achieve the purpose of cost control." The printing press of colorspan company is designed and produced in MacDermid (Minnesota, USA), the headquarters of the company. Bruce said, "in our production equipment, we can monitor the whole process from design to production. Our printing machine is produced with the cooperation of our production personnel and engineering design team. No matter what problems appear in production, we can make real-time response and solve them." Colorspan uses extruded aluminum platens and fences/crossbars provided by local suppliers as basic components of the printing machine. The printing machine adopts an open zero barrier design, which not only saves the cost of the outer cover and the access door, but also reduces the requirements for the buyer's workshop area, and also facilitates the use and maintenance of the operator

at present, the platform printing machine has become a necessary production tool for printing plants, so more and more companies try their best to buy this kind of equipment. Colorspan and RPI have adopted different ways to achieve this goal, hoping to prove its effect with more impressive sales results. Looking forward to the future, we expect the platform printing machine to show us more selling points at its lower cost, bring higher production capacity to our enterprises, and then help us expand a broader business space

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