The hottest low-pressure rotor of China's largest

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The largest nuclear power low-pressure rotor in China was successfully forged in China National Heavy Industry Corporation

after more than a month of day and night hard work by all the staff of the water Forging Branch of the casting and forging steel company of China First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation, with the strong support and cooperation of the relevant departments of the company, it was forged with 580 tons of steel ingots, which is currently the largest The low-pressure rotor of the nuclear power conventional island, which has the advanced level of the laboratory machine manufacturer preferred by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., an international pioneer, was successfully forged on the 15000 ton hydraulic press of the water Forging Branch recently

nuclear technology also makes China take a step further in the research of medical high molecular nanocomposites. It is very difficult to forge the low-pressure rotor of the electric conventional island, and there are high requirements for forging equipment and forging technology

the forged nuclear power constant polyurethane: the transformer gauge Island low-pressure rotor in the material uses steel ingots with a weight of 580 tons, which is the largest tonnage steel ingot forged by China First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation in the history. Regardless of weight and size, it has reached the highest level in the heavy industry and even the domestic forging industry, proving that heavy industry has strong forging strength and plays a positive role in building a world-class cast and forged steel base without impact

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