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Low cost and high-efficiency color printing will become an industry trend

recently, Canon held a media communication meeting with the theme of Canon's success at its headquarters in Beijing. At the meeting, senior executives of the company and various multimedia discussed the future prospects and market development trends of color laser printers. And how to achieve cost control

color is an industry trend

in fact, many customers have realized that color is not only a cost, but now many people will realize that color can increase business, because it is necessary to differentiate and highlight the characteristics of their products. This is an industry in which China, the world's largest rubber market, will become more and more colorful

show you a few samples. This one is black and white, and the vision of turning it into color will be completely different. This one is an engineering drawing or an office drawing, and the focus of turning it into color will be more prominent. Which area, such as the following area, is for meetings, so senior leaders will understand it faster. This is the drawing of product design. If it is a black and white drawing, it is difficult to remember many details, If it turns into color, it will have a good effect, so color is very helpful for the whole business level

canon has up to 30 products in the field of color excitation products, and the product line covers a comprehensive range.

canon has up to 30 devices in the field of color laser office products, with 18 A4 formats and 12 A3 devices, so whether it is A3 or A4, we have a relatively rich product line, including production-oriented equipment, so all levels of equipment are covered, which is also the advantage canon is proud of

Canon business imaging party is the general manager of the case department in front of a laminator imported from Italy

technology sharing: Canon toner optimization and balance technology

Canon toner optimization and balance technology can automatically recognize pictures and words in text and text mixed documents. For the picture part, color toner will be automatically used for mixed output; For the black text part, only black toner will be intelligently used for output. The advantage of this technology is that it achieves the best effect and cost. In effect, the black of the text will be purer; And the cost also saves unnecessary waste of color toner. Because many brands use four-color toner when outputting this kind of mixed document, no matter pictures or words. This is bound to cause excessive toner consumption and increase printing costs

Canon business imaging solutions Department Matsumoto just

technology sharing: Canon's unique high-quality toner

in fact, toner is also very important for color output. Canon has two kinds of high-quality toner, one is s toner and the other is PQ toner. I especially want to emphasize that PQ toner is used by Canon professional large-scale equipment. It is also used in office kilometers, so it can ensure that our office equipment can achieve the same output effect as professional production equipment in a sense

future trend of office: integrate office equipment through software and networks

for a modern office environment, it is undoubtedly necessary to effectively integrate and manage office equipment in order to truly improve office efficiency. Taking domestic foreign-funded enterprises as an example, according to Canon's experience, about 40 to 50 people equipped with a 45 page color A3 copier can achieve high efficiency. If 100 people use one A3, there will definitely be a queuing phenomenon. If 10 people use one A3, it may be more wasteful. Therefore, the selection and planning of equipment is very important for enterprises, and canon has rich experience in this field, which can help enterprises achieve the most reasonable allocation of resources

Kanon business imaging solutions Department Okamoto

from the perspective of use, a multi-function machine can copy, print, scan and send, and all office functions can be basically solved. I don't know if you often do media and see interesting articles, or see an article in miscellaneous blog, type it into the computer or use it for reference. Canon's machine has a function of directly scanning this document into the PPT, which can be directly recognized. For example, these words on this document were typed in originally, and they also need to be typeset. Especially in training, sometimes you want to draw a picture from the outside, and you can't draw this picture because someone asked art workers to draw it. Now it's still like this to directly scan this document into the PPT for typesetting, But the following words have been recognized, so it is very convenient. Personally, I think the improvement of office efficiency is very, very huge

Canon business imaging solutions Department Dai Chunliang

security is also concerned by more and more enterprises. Some confidential information may be seen by others when it is printed, but with the card printing function, only my card files will be printed. Card swiping and printing is also very helpful for people who often travel in different places. I often need to go on business in Beijing and Shanghai. The original printer driver installed by it for us is the printer driver of Shanghai. After I came to Beijing, I obviously couldn't print. According to the previous way, I must call it and say, excuse me, can you help me install the driver of a Beijing printer? After installation, the printer in Beijing will break down in two days, and the one next to it is not broken, I'll call the number of samples again: the number of pellets in each experiment should be 60 or more (more than 60 can be agreed by the supplier and the demander). It, can you install a printer of this model for me? Now as long as you swipe the card, it will automatically route anywhere in the country. For example, when I come to Beijing for business, there will always be only one driver in my computer. When I come to Beijing, I swipe the card. When I return to Shanghai tomorrow, I swipe my card on the Shanghai machine and get out of the Shanghai machine. The integrated office efficiency is much better than buying one more machine and two more machines. Imagine that there are two devices in our office now. If you walk over and see a queue, you can only wait. Now the machine next to me is empty. I just swipe my card on the machine next to me and enter it into the machine next to me. So this is a very, very good industry trend, and canon is very mature in this field, so we think this is also a future trend. Another point I think is more detailed. We can physically stretch the condensed DNA molecules to read their code. For example, we have a function called sending to ourselves. When you swipe the card, the card is bound to our email address, and then some of us (14:59) scanned the email address to enter the email address, which is very troublesome. Now as long as you swipe the card, the machine will default to my email address, I just need to click Scan to scan my email information, which is a recognition function. Of course, swiping your card will also be very safe

Canon digital multifunction peripheral is also quite interesting in management. Our copier interface can appear on the computer side at the same time. For example, our IT personnel now need to manage our computer system basically by remote login. He won't say that I'm on the 16th floor, IT15 floor. Generally, he doesn't go to my computer desk on the 16th floor to help me repair. Generally, he logs in to my computer remotely. Now Canon's server can also do this, He can see the operation interface of a machine on the 16th floor on the 15th floor. For example, Canon boss can't use it. I'll operate it directly on the 15th floor. I'll press copy on the computer side to synchronize the operation, so this is also an aspect of simple management, which is the integration of the future. In the future, it is a trend to integrate all machines in the country

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