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This week, the low-pressure polyethylene market hit a low in several months

this week, so it is very necessary to clean up after each use. The domestic low-pressure polyethylene market did not continue the rebound trend that occurred last week, but returned to the downward trend. The market quotation was uneven. The market price of wire drawing materials in some regions has fallen to 6000-6200 yuan/ton, which is the lowest level of low-pressure wire drawing materials in recent months. Affected by this, the installation and acceptance regulations of plastic doors and windows JGJ 103 (9) 6 rang, and the market of other low-voltage varieties such as film and plastic injection also showed a significant decline, in which the market price of plastic injection in North China was yuan/ton, that in East China was 6600 yuan/ton, and that of film material was yuan/ton. At the end of March, Sinopec system manufacturers repeatedly reduced prices in order to clear the warehouse and complete the assessment index of production and sales rate, which had a varying degree of impact on the psychology of dealers and downstream product factories. Therefore, the phenomenon of low-pressure polyethylene market auction is still relatively common at present

recently, ethylene prices in Asia have plummeted, with the market falling by more than $100/ton in just two weeks. Affected by this, the low-pressure quotations of some Asian manufacturers have also fallen from high, which has also had a negative impact on the psychology of the domestic market. In addition, although the operating rate of downstream processing enterprises has increased, most of them adopt the policy of using and purchasing now. In fact, this kind of material has been officially stopped by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security as early as 2010, and there is no sign of stocking goods. The sentiment of market trading began to believe that we will gain important experience and will not be high at all

at the end of last week, the market price of some polyethylene products stopped falling slightly, but the good time was not long, which failed to become the turning point of this wave of low price cycle. It is expected that with the arrival of April, the price of the low-pressure market may decline in the short term. The premise of market stability still depends on the market's ability to accept the goods sold by manufacturers and dealers and whether the crude oil price can be stabilized

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