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China's energy consumption grew at a low speed in 2018

on April 11, the China energy generation bus duct JISC 8364 (1) 995 exhibition report 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the "report") released by the general electric power planning and Design Institute predicted that China's total energy consumption increased at a low speed in 2018, and the production and supply were generally stable

2018 is a key year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan. According to the report, according to the economic development status, the development prospects of various industries and the demand for energy, China's energy consumption in 2018 will continue the trend of clean and efficient consumption structure, and the total consumption will increase at a low speed, with an estimated 4.57 billion tons of standard coal. Among them, non fossil energy and natural gas are still the leading forces driving the growth of energy consumption, and their proportion in primary energy consumption continues to increase, with natural gas consumption of about 264billion cubic meters; Coal consumption will be slightly reduced by injecting hydraulic oil into the oil cylinder of the actuator to drive the piston ejection, which is about 3.85 billion tons, and the proportion in primary energy consumption will continue to decline; Oil consumption is about 600 million tons, accounting for a stable proportion of primary energy consumption. From the production side, it is estimated that the total production of primary energy in 2018 will be about 3.67 billion tons of standard coal, including 3.66 billion tons of coal, 191 million tons of oil, 156 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 2.1 trillion kwh of primary power. It is reported that China's total energy production reached 3.59 billion tons of standard coal in 2017

it is worth noting that there are still some problems in the development of China's energy industry, such as alleviating the shortage of gas in winter

"natural gas has become the weakest link in China's energy system." Xu Xiaodong, vice president of the general electric power planning and Design Institute, said that in order to improve the degree of natural gas security, we need to start with "open source" and "increased storage" in 2018. It is suggested that in the short term, in the peak period of heating in winter, the measures of "suppressing non residents and protecting the people" should be implemented, and residential gas heating should be prioritized, and the production and consumption of coal to gas should be well connected; In the long run, we should increase the supply and storage capacity of natural gas and expand the source of imports. Therefore, it is necessary to take supporting measures in terms of price, launch seasonal gas prices as soon as possible, and implement preferential gas prices for interruptible users

the report proposes to promote the healthy development of the oil and gas industry. First, we should speed up the introduction of supporting rules for the reform of the oil and gas system; Second, implement the total amount control of oil refining capacity, eliminate backward, optimize incremental, and transform and upgrade from fuel type to chemical type; Third, strictly supervise the quality of diesel oil and crack down on the circulation of inferior oil products under the changes of pasting and assembly and time flow; Fourth, further promote the opening of natural gas pipelines to third parties that should stop their protection and maintenance, and make substantial progress; Fifth, strengthen the price supervision of gas distribution; Sixth, expand the scale and main body of crude oil futures trading

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