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Ezhou hardware mold 718 mold steel plate

Ezhou hardware mold 718 mold steel plate

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taking the pre hardened material for heat treatment again will damage the original characteristics of the material, because 718 itself is very cheap. If you reduce the hardness again after heat treatment, and then achieve the hardness you want, the processing cost and transportation cost of this process can already buy a more advanced It is more suitable for the hardness materials you need, so there is no need to spend money to toss around a cheap iron pimple, and the time can not be consumed. 718 can be heat treated, but generally 718 is delivered in a pre hardened (heat treated) state, and the hardness is generally HRC. It is enough to be used as a plastic mold, and no further heat treatment is required. If it must be re heat treated, it can be annealed and reheated first (quenching and tempering), 718 die steel is a brand steel of pre hardened hot-working die steel of Swedish yishengbai company, which corresponds to 3cr2nimo die steel of GB standard in China

this steel has excellent mechanical properties and machinability, and is widely used in the mold industry, especially in the processing and production of plastic molds. In addition, its special production process makes 718 mold steel have HRC hardness when leaving the factory, so it can reduce the heat treatment links in the processing and production of normal molds, improve economic benefits and physical properties (sample hardness 340hbw, at room temperature and high temperature), 1) Temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, density 7 8g/cm/7.75g/cm/7. 7g/cm, 2) temperature 20~200 ° C/20~400 ° C, linear expansion coefficient: the necessity of the development of testing machine 12.6 × 10k/13.5 × 10k3) temperature 20 ° C/200 ° C/400 ° C, thermal conductivity 29.0w · (m · K)/29.5w · (m · K)/31.0w · (m · K), 4) temperature 20 ° C/200 ° C/400 ° C, elastic modulus: 205000mpa/200000mpa/185000mpa, bubble film has many characteristics of mechanical properties, (sample hardness 340hbw) 1) temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, tensile strength 1100mpa/1050mp8/850mpa, 2) temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, conditional yield strength 980mmpa.A/925mpa/770mpa, 3) temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, The reduction of area is 49%/51%/52%

4) temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, elongation 13%/14%/16%, 5) temperature 20 ° c/200 ° c/400 ° C, impact toughness? (≥) 20j/cm/32j/cm/42j/cm, how much does 718 die steel cost per kilogram to buy authentic 718 die steel? The upper price ranges from more than 10 yuan to more than 50 yuan per kilogram, which confused the purchasers who bought 718 die steel. In order not to answer the same question repeatedly, I wrote this article about how much 718 die steel is reasonable per kilogram. My customers often ask me "why is the price of 718 die steel (718H die steel) different by several yuan,", After reading this article, you will understand why the above are the characteristics of fatigue testing machine. Do you know the relevant contents? The price of 718 die steel (718H die steel) varies greatly. You may have found that the service life of 718 die steel (718H die steel) is obviously shorter than before, and the polishing property is not as good as before; You may also find that the selling price of 718 die steel (718H die steel) is much lower than that 10 years ago, which hides the "secret" of purchasing 718 die steel (718H die steel) you don't know. We analyze the reasons for the high and low price of 718 die steel from many aspects:

I. chaos in the mold steel industry: Wu Dejian, the king of mold steel, told you that his peers would not say "buy 10 pits of mold steel" 1 Li Kui meets Li Gui's mold steel,, 2 Small steel mills replace large steel mills with steal beam and column mold steel,, 3 Low quality die steel with "ground bar steel" to replace wood 4 Steal the concept of "ground bar steel" electroslag die steel, 5 Recycled scrap steel acts as genuine die steel, 6 Non standard fake national standard mold steel, 7 Electric furnace pretends to be electroslag and substitutes inferior die steel, 8 "Universal steel" fake and inferior die steel, 9 "Yin yang contract" die steel 10 Second, the harm of these low-quality 718 die steel is: 1. Fake 718 die steel (718H die steel)

poor polishing results in poor appearance of plastic products and reduces the grade of plastic products;, 2. After a period of production of low-quality 718 die steel (718H die steel), the mold size is unstable, resulting in the wrong size of plastic products, which requires frequent mold repair, increasing maintenance costs and reducing production;, 3. The wear resistance of the mold is not enough, and the plastic products have many burrs, so it is necessary to burn, weld and repair the mold regularly, and increase the manual deburring; 4. If it is a large mold, due to the large deviation between the core and surface hardness, the mold can not be assembled due to serious deformation after processing. III. The key price of 718 mold steel is related to several aspects: 1 Steel plant

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