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Facebook provides customer service for Newegg, a North American technology e-commerce giant. Recently, Newegg, a leading technology product in North America, announced that it would use Facebook messenger to provide customer service. Facebook currently has 1.6 billion monthly active users worldwide. For any business, Facebook's platform is a huge resource, and Newegg is the first company to use Facebook messenger in its business

at present, Newegg provides a series of customer service methods including email, SMS, etc. after the cooperation with Facebook is opened, consumers can contact the customer service representative through Facebook messenger. On the surface, it's just that Xindan has added Facebook messenger as a tool. The raw materials of premium rock wool are natural rocks, but in fact, for both sides, it has achieved a win-win business

for Newegg, accessing Facebook messenger further improves the mobile shopping experience. As one of the world's largest social platforms, Facebook's huge platform volume is undoubtedly a big gold mine. Newegg is a leading online retailer in North America, so for Facebook, the access to Newegg's business can enrich its platform functions, making Facebook messenger not only a tool for communicating with people, but also access to more powerful business functions

North American technology e-commerce giant Newegg teamed up with Facebook to expand the layout of mobile terminals

Merle McIntosh, vice president of Newegg's marketing department, said that Newegg attaches great importance to investment in the mobile field and is the first retail provider in North America to provide mall apps (IOS and Android) and mobile terminal services, while cold molding is generally a high resilience polyether and pop polyether supplier. Joining hands with Facebook this time to make user experience more convenient customer service can be said to be another important measure in the mobile field of new egg layout

about Newegg Newegg founded in 2001, Newegg Newegg is the leader of network retail enterprises, providing world-class e-commerce platform, high-quality customer experience, fast logistics distribution and intimate customer service

newegg, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has many branches around the world. It is the second largest e-commerce enterprise in the it/ce category in the United States, with 29million registered users and 61000 enterprise users. In 2015, Newegg Gmv exceeded US $2.5 billion, and the sales from mobile channels increased by 54%

selection of control system in addition to user elements, in 2015, Newegg won the top ten consumer experience brands of all brands in the United States selected by foreese research, and ranked first in the field of e-commerce; Ranked 24th among the global top 500 mobile commerce companies; In 2014, Newegg also won the world's best e-commerce enterprise (ACG, 2014), the Asian Business Award - the leading private company and the 8th most trusted retailer selected by the American OnlineTrust Association; In the segment field, Newegg won the Top100 logistics enterprises selected by supply chain magazine, and ranked No. 4 among the top 100 online retailers in personal data security

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