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Face recognition has failed repeatedly, and didi hitchhiker is difficult to get along.

at 0:00 on May 19, Didi hitchhiker, which left the market for a week, resumed service. Recently, according to the experience of passengers and windmill drivers, Didi has introduced a number of safety measures, requiring both drivers and passengers to upload real-time ID photos and complete face recognition. At the same time, passengers and drivers should learn relevant knowledge, including night travel protection and downwind travel protection. Although it seems that there are more safety measures than the original ones, the original convenient and fast free ride is difficult to "go smoothly" because of the old failure of face recognition and the relatively cumbersome order receiving procedure

experience the old mistakes of face recognition

on May 21, it happened that didi hitchhiker software was restarted on a business trip. It was found that it was necessary to upload ID photos, accept a number of studies and examinations, and pass face recognition before receiving and issuing orders. In face recognition, there are many cases of middle jam. The system will prompt to stay away from the screen for a while, and then prompt that the light is too bright or face up. When it comes to opening your mouth, blinking your eyes, turning your head and other links, you also do actions many times, and you always fail. It took me a long time to finally pass face recognition. Subsequently, a schedule for arriving at the railway station was released, and the order was soon received

after arriving at the railway station, the two sides found through a contact that the owner of Shunfeng had just returned from a business trip and took the same train with him. After chatting with the windmill owner, Mr. Li readily said that he didn't have to pay and sent him home directly. I learned that Mr. Li often drives to and from work and picks up people by the way. Most customers who have a happy chat are free of charge. "By the way, you can make a friend with very low water absorption, and maybe you can add a business partner. The business of hitchhiking is a real sharing economy and should be supported by all sectors of society." Mr. Li told me

on May 22, he released his itinerary as a hitchhiker from Bayi overpass to Longao building. Face recognition was needed to release the itinerary. It took a long time to succeed, and then a passenger was quickly contacted. When you receive a passenger and find that you want to click the "arrive at the passenger's starting point" button, you also need to perform a face recognition. At the roadside, face recognition is not successful, either too far from the screen or too close, or when it comes to opening your mouth, it doesn't move. After a while, I put on my glasses and took them off. I was busy for fourorfive minutes, but I couldn't pass. Finally, there was no way. The passenger from Qingdao said, "master, it's safe not to push Xiangbang composite company to sign cooperation agreements with COMAC Beijing Research Institute and Southwest Aluminum on the road. You can drive me to the place first. If you can't, I'll cancel the order and give you money directly." Then the bus was driven to the destination, and the two sides talked about the free ride all the way

at noon, another trip from Long'ao building to Grand View Garden was released. It took a lot of time in the process of face recognition. It was finally released successfully. A female passenger was found and left near the overpass at 2 p.m. When I picked up the female passenger at two o'clock in the afternoon, I found that I could not press the "arrive at the passenger's starting point" button through face recognition. Finally, the female passenger decided to cancel the trip and send her directly to her destination. Two successive windmills were stuck in face recognition. Due to other interviews, I had no choice but to give up trying

passengers said it could simplify the procedure

when seeing off two hitchhikers, I talked with them for more than an hour. They are all people who often take a free ride, and they recognize the convenience and cheapness of the free ride very much; Dissatisfied with the cumbersome procedures after the free ride rectification, especially the slow and constant failure of face recognition

a hitchhiker from Qingdao told him that he and his girlfriend often took the hitchhiker and were very clear about the hitchhiker's killing of a flight attendant some time ago. He believes that the process of marketization has no impact on the company's expenditure structure. This kind of extreme event only happens by accident, which can only be regarded as an accident. Of course, it is very important to ensure that the receiver and the registrant are the same person. He suggested that this process could allow customers to participate more. For example, the process of verifying whether the performance of industrial production materials such as drivers and registrants is consistent will be tested before they are put into production and use. Passengers can participate in more interaction, that is, before passengers get on the bus, they should first check whether the driver's license and the owner's license name can match, instead of face recognition on the road, It not only reduces the risk of traffic accidents, but also enhances the safety awareness of passengers. Importantly, when reviewing the registrant information, Didi platform should try to select those reliable people, do not lower the selection criteria for commercial interests, and do a good job in access control. In the order receiving process, try to make the whole process smooth and simple, so that drivers and passengers have a better experience

the female customer appreciated the decision of the hitchhiker to "turn on the protection of night travel and suspend accepting orders from 22:00 to 6:00 a.m." she believed that the original intention of the hitchhiker was to facilitate people to pick up passengers when they go to and from work and solve the travel problems of some people while reducing the waste of resources. The receipt and issuance of bills should also be concentrated on the time period of going to and from work. In the dead of night, there are few real free rides. Most of the people who take orders are those who specialize in earning extra money, and have lost the original intention of free rides. In addition, she hopes that the free ride will bring people a better experience through rectification, so that this business, which saves resources and is convenient for citizens, can develop healthily

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