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Facebook acquires chat robot startup servicefriend

<2: rack: the frame frame is welded by angle steel, channel steel and other profiles. P> it is reported that Facebook recently acquired Israeli chat robot startup servicefriend to help provide customers with the elastic characteristics of PEEK compared with their upcoming Libra encrypted currency and Calibra digital wallet

facebook neither confirmed nor denied this acquisition, and issued a vague statement: we buy smaller technology companies from time to time, and we rarely discuss the company's plans

but some employees of this Israeli startup, including two co founders, have changed their LinkedIn profile, indicating that they are now working for Facebook. This almost confirms that the acquisition did happen

on its website, servicefriend confirmed that it had been acquired, but did not indicate in advance that Facebook was the buyer. The statement said: we are happy to share with you the next chapter of servicefriend's exciting journey. At the bottom of the statement is a simple link titled "check what Facebook said to us", which leads users to a case of the company's cooperation with Facebook

servicefriend, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, has established a series of products and solutions related to customer service robots, including customer service, asynchronous message scheduling and 24/7 self-service concierge services

the company claims that servicefriend ensures unparalleled efficiency. Our experience shows that enterprises using servicefriend only need 18.3 agent hours for every 1000 interactions (about 6500 incoming messages). This is about 70% more efficient than the best traditional method in its class, and it is the lowest cost method to ensure a consistent and excellent experience for all customers

at present, it is unclear about the purchase price and the financing situation of servicefriend before the acquisition. CrunchBase records show that servicefriend received non equity assistance from microsoftscaleuptelaviv in February 2016, but did not mention the financing amount

just as the news was released, Facebook announced on Friday that customers were also quite satisfied with our products after the Cambridge analysis scandal. As part of an ongoing privacy investigation, the company has blocked tens of thousands of applications

ime archibong, vice president of Facebook's ook product partnership since 2007, said in an article that the blocked applications involved about 400 developers, most of which have been banned. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including improper sharing of data obtained from us, public provision of data without protecting people's identities, or other acts that clearly violate our policies, archibong wrote

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