After the hottest acquisition of KUKA in February,

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After Midea acquired KUKA in February, the gene transformation industry said that it used mergers and acquisitions to layout the whole industry

from the tender acquisition of KUKA last year to the completion of the acquisition at the beginning of this year, and then recently reached a strategic cooperation transaction with Israeli high-tech enterprise Gaochuang. Midea launched two acquisitions in a row, attracting the attention of the industry. However, according to the verification data of the experimental machine, more details of the two transactions were not disclosed by Midea, leaving the outside world in suspense

recently, the CEO of KUKA, till Reuter, officially came to the stage and said that Midea had given KUKA full respect, both in management and technology. KUKA, as the main body, helped Midea Group make a comprehensive layout in the fields of robot body production, industrial automation solutions, system integration, and intelligent logistics

Midea Group also officially announced the completion of the transformation from a home appliance enterprise to a technology group

KUKA will help the overall layout of Midea

in January this year, Midea Group officially announced that it had officially completed the delivery of KUKA after six months of tender offer, and had paid all the money involved in this tender offer. After the completion of the acquisition and settlement, Midea Group held 37.6057 million shares of KUKA group through its wholly-owned overseas subsidiary Mecca, accounting for about 94.55% of the issued share capital of KUKA group. This is also one of the largest overseas acquisitions of Chinese companies in recent years

then, Midea Group made another move in the robot industry. Recently, Midea announced that it had reached a war with servotronix (high innovation), an Israeli robot upstream enterprise, to cooperate slightly when abnormal conditions were found in the power cord and power plug. On February 13, Fang Hongbo, President of Midea Group, officially confirmed that he had controlled servotronix

from Yaskawa to KUKA to Gaochuang, how will Midea play this card

this time, KUKA CEO till Reuter stood in front of the stage for the first time to respond. He said that Midea has given KUKA full respect in both management and technology, ensuring KUKA's independence in enterprise operation. KUKA, as the main body, helps Midea Group in the fields of robot body production, industrial automation solutions, system integration, and intelligent logistics. The inspection and verification marks provided by UL for marketing statements enable manufacturers to distinguish their products from competitors. KUKA will lead the global industrial development and occupy the commanding height of industry 4.0 based on Germany's high-precision and cutting-edge technology

according to Ilan Cohen, CEO of Gaochuang, Gaochuang will become a powerful link for Midea to improve the layout of the robot and industrial automation industrial chain. Gaochuang will help us enrich the technical reserves and product reserves in professional fields such as motion control and servo motor through analysis

Midea is trying to carry out the layout of the whole industrial chain through cooperative mergers and acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions are the expansion means that Midea is good at. Insiders believe that

guyanmin, vice president of Midea Group, said that Midea has very mature experience in industrial chain integration and has many years of personal participation and comprehensive investigation in the robot industry. The perfect combination of market and technology will produce huge synergy and create a win-win future for all parties. KUKA and Gaochuang are Midea's starting signals on the new runway

transforming industrial automation technology group

this time, Midea also announced that it has officially completed its transformation from a traditional household appliance enterprise to a technology giant

it took Midea three years to transform from a home appliance enterprise to a technology enterprise. Midea began to produce electric fans in 1980 and entered the household appliance industry. It began to manufacture air conditioners in 1985. After that, the business scope was expanded to other products in the household appliance industry, either through the establishment of new companies or through acquisitions. At present, Midea products basically cover the whole industrial chain of the household appliance industry

three years ago, Midea released its m-smart smart home strategy and began its formal transformation. Midea has completed the development of prototypes of nearly 30 categories of smart products and the interconnection of 30 smart items, preliminarily built the overall cloud platform of Midea smart home system, and cooperated with Alibaba,, Huawei and other enterprises. In 2015, in line with its dual intelligence strategy, Midea took a 5.4% stake in KUKA, and gradually increased. Until Midea issued a tender offer, Midea already held 13.51% of KUKA's shares

in addition to the gradual extension of Midea in business transformation, Midea also transformed in corporate governance. He Xiangjian, the founder of Midea Group, officially stepped down as the chairman of Midea Group and passed his position to an outsider Fang Hongbo rather than his only son hejianfeng. Midea officially entered the era of professional managers. Since then, Midea has launched the partnership plan in the home appliance industry, and the core management team will gradually complete the transformation from professional managers to partners

a senior official of Midea said: Midea has transformed into a global leading technology group in consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and industrial automation systems. In Midea's future strategic landscape, the dual intelligence strategy is the key to enterprise development, new industrial layout has become the core word, and scientific and technological innovation is the driving force

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