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Eye tracking makes the world understand your eyes

recently, at the 2016 China International Virtual Reality Summit Forum, eye tracking technology, a high-tech "can read your eyes". Recently, at the 2016 China International Virtual Reality Summit Forum, a high-tech eye tracking technology that can read your eyes

according to the design and R & D personnel, eye tracking technology first appeared in the military field, mainly used for Fighter aiming technology. It is a technology that uses eye movement measurement equipment to capture and extract eye feature information to measure the movement of the eyes, which are heated continuously or interrupted, so as to estimate the direction of line of sight or the position of eye gaze. It sounds like such high-end technology, in fact, is not far away from us

in recent years, eye tracking technology is gradually turning to civilian use. Peng fan, founder and co CEO of Qixin Yiwei, said that eye tracking is a relatively mature application of eye control communication aids, which is mainly to help people with language, physical disorders and special care. By looking at the screen with their eyes, they can type, chat and surf instead of the mouse and keyboard, so as to realize communication with the outside world. In the past six years, Qixin Yiwei has helped tens of thousands of gradually frozen people type through their eyes and restore their communication skills

however, as a basic interactive technology, eye tracking should continuously optimize and update the new type of recycled plastic granulator, which is not limited to this, but will involve more fields in the future. For example, in virtual shopping, eye movement is used to analyze users' points of interest to obtain big data. In the aspect of intelligent vehicle design, eye tracking technology can judge the state of human eyes and fixation points through eye movement tracking, so as to give early warning when driving fatigue or line of sight deviation. In terms of information security, password input can be completed through eye movement, and eye movement analysis in vivo monitoring can be achieved, so as to completely eliminate the use of static images, iris patches and other means of identity camouflage. However, there is still a long way to go to fully realize these applications, which requires the joint efforts of developers from all walks of life

PENG Fan said that in the past, eye tracking technology used to sell for more than 100000 yuan at any time. If you want to popularize it for civilian use, you need to reduce the price. Therefore, Qixin Yiwei has launched a cost-effective ASEE eye controller, which adheres to the perfect combination of price if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked and performance. The price is only a few hundred yuan. The USB interface is plug and play, which is suitable for desktop computers, notebooks and tablets. It can be used in artificial intelligence, UI design, advertising analysis, dynamic naked eye 3D, game entertainment, myopia prevention and other fields

at present, the development and application of eye tracking technology are mainly focused on virtual reality. Peng fan predicted that eye tracking technology will become the standard configuration of VR. Because it can well solve the four bottlenecks of VR at present, namely interaction, display, calculation and content. Through full field angle tracking, high-precision and low delay, and anti shake tracking algorithm, it can make VR devices more humanized and make the experimenter have a better sense of immersion. Qixin Yiwei is also looking for developers who are interested in eye tracking technology, and is committed to jointly building an eye control Langsheng technology ecosystem with an annual growth rate of 9% in China, so as to optimize eye control applications

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