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In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the key points of work of the Ministry of education in 2018, which proposed informatization 2.0, and the campus and classes also entered the era of refined digital management. In order to accelerate the implementation of smart education policies, traditional teaching methods can no longer meet the requirements of shift teaching, and electronic class cards have become a key tool for educational modernization and informatization

in the past, classroom teaching modes usually included oral roll call, hand blackboard newspaper, paper timetable, etc. backward student management, outdated campus culture construction, and untimely home school communication have been common problems. Smart electronic class cards are born to solve these problems

Hangzhou Huasan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as xinhuansan) is a supplier committed to providing education and teaching solutions combined with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, artificial intelligence, mobile social networking, etc. Its self-developed AI smart cloud class card has the functions of class scheduling, home school interaction, face recognition and attendance, classroom environment monitoring and so on. It is a key tool for modern education

△ smart cloud class card display

second level attendance, face recognition to create a new sign in method

ai a major function of smart cloud class card is to realize face brushing attendance. Unlike traditional paper sign in, oral roll call, and manual card swiping, students only need to capture face information through the camera to achieve millisecond level clock in, and multiple students can also complete accurate recognition and batch clock in through the camera at the same time, It greatly saves the sign in time and improves the efficiency of classroom teaching. In addition, face brushing attendance makes the sign in more standardized to avoid the occurrence of proxy signing. The face sign in data can be traced, which makes the class attendance rate and personal attendance rate at a glance, and helps teachers and parents better understand the situation of students

△ face recognition attendance

at present, Xinhua Sanai smart cloud class has been put into use in many schools, such as the second VCC pilot evaluation device, the second primary school, which was built by Yanchang Petroleum in Baoting County, Hainan Province, and it can be said that it is in the forefront of the road to realize a smart campus. It is understood that the efficiency of human face recognition second attendance has been highly praised by teachers and students. Teachers reported that they received the sign in information of class students in time before class, which improved the efficiency of attendance and saved valuable classroom time

hongruan face recognition technology has become the key to promoting the implementation of smart education.

Xinhua San has been committed to providing digital solutions in the field of smart education. The initial loading method is mainly to load the transmission system driven by ordinary switching electromechanical devices. In order to become a reliable partner to help customers achieve business innovation and digital transformation, finding an algorithm technology supplier of their own business logic is the top priority. Xinhua 3 chose hongruan face recognition technology, and its focus is on the accumulation of hongruan company in the field of visual AI for more than 20 years. Its face recognition technology is relatively mature and stable. In addition to the strong technical application ability of Xinhua III, they quickly integrated the algorithm into the product and quickly completed the landing use

in addition to its application in campus electronic class cards, face recognition also has a very large application in many other scenes of smart campus construction

like the school educational administration course selection system, face recognition can replace the traditional password login. Educational administration managers can use face recognition to log in to the educational administration system, and can clearly see the school course selection, course scheduling, class classification and attendance at a glance, so as to realize the real secret free login, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also ensures the security

for example, in the physical fitness test of students, the production line of industrial grade lithium carbonate produced by Jiangxi Jinhui lithium industry with an annual output of 10000 tons of lithium mica was put into operation in early September. By manually checking certificates and student numbers, it is not only inefficient, but also difficult to completely eliminate the bad phenomena such as student surrogate examination. Taking the face as the only certificate effectively eliminates the student surrogate examination and ensures the fairness of the examination. In addition, the automatic entry of examination results through the face recognition system also greatly reduces the possible errors in filling in the data manually

in the past, the school library basically relied on manual registration information to borrow and return books, but it integrated the terminal of face recognition, so that students can realize self-help borrowing and returning books by brushing their faces, making book management more convenient and efficient

in the school canteen, face brushing payment is also a new scene that is becoming increasingly perfect. Students can quickly complete the payment without carrying a meal card

△ some scenes show

from this point of view, the construction of smart campus in the future will greatly depend on the landing application of face recognition technology

breaking industry barriers and facing technological transformation directly can seize the market opportunity

from unfamiliar to familiar, from ignorant to ordinary, with the change of times, face recognition is no longer a distant high-tech term at the beginning. In the face of the increasingly developing emerging technologies, traditional industries are facing great impacts and challenges. Breaking industry barriers, seizing the opportunities under the wave of informatization and completing technological transformation are the key to the survival of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises

taking the education industry as an example, the smart education policy makes the traditional teaching mode difficult to meet the demand. The electronic class card is the product of the information age that responds to the policy, and is detonating the demand of the education market at a rapid speed. It is not difficult to imagine that the future under the new situation will inevitably lead to more new products and applications. Small and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of the development, quickly break through the barriers of the industry, and apply new scientific and technological means to solve the problems of traditional industries, which will be able to seize the market opportunity

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