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After the large-scale expansion of glass fiber cloth, Taibo group ranks among the top three in the world in recent three years. In the past three years, Taibo group has invested more than 20billion yuan to lock in "electronic grade" glass fiber cloth and touch ultra-thin glass, "green energy" Low-E low radiation coated glass, "Shengneng" photovoltaic cover glass and solar energy condenser, and actively expand its territory on both sides of the Strait

now, new production capacity has been launched one after another. Lin Boshi, President of Taibo group, pointed out that by 2014, the production capacity of Taibo group on both sides of the Strait could exceed 5million tons, ranking among the top three in the world

Lin Boshi said that after this round of expansion, the number of kilns of Taibo glass will increase from the current 36 to 48, ranking first in the world, more than Asahi in Japan. At present, the production capacity of all kinds of glass on both sides of the Taiwan Glass Group is 3.06 million tons, of which the production capacity of traditional floating flat glass is 2.56 million tons

to pull up the value of traditional glass processing is the main development strategy of Taibo in the future! Lin Boshi pointed out that the gross profit of traditional raw glass is getting lower and lower, and the mainland market has been oversupplied. Therefore, it is necessary to add elements such as "green energy and low carbon", "energy generation", "electronic grade", "composite materials" to the glass, so as to enhance the value of the glass

rush to the green energy low-carbon market, mainly Low-E low radiation coated glass; Lin Boshi said that Taiwan glass now has six production lines in Taiwan and the mainland, with a capacity of 20.8 million square meters. After the expansion is completed, there will be 10 production lines on both sides of the Strait, with a capacity of 33.8 million square meters, with a capacity increase of 62.5%, which will leap to the top three factories in the world

the legal circle estimates that the current Low-E glass price is more than 4 or 5 times higher than the traditional floating flat glass. It is estimated that the gross profit margin of Taiwan glass will increase by 3% in the next few years, encouraging enterprises to innovate independently and 4 percentage points

as for "Shengneng", it is the most popular solar energy business opportunity in the world at present; Lin Boshi said that he and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the world's first "measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and new energy vehicle credits". The light transmittance of photovoltaic cover glass produced by Taibo glass has reached 94.6%, and now it has a continuous honeycomb structure with heat insulation. There are two production lines, and the production capacity is only 79000 tons. After expansion, the production capacity will increase three times

solar mirror is the sunlight reflector. Using the principle of convex lens, small glass or metal lenses are combined into a bowl shape, which can focus the sunlight and produce high heat at one point. It is a peripheral product in the solar energy system, which can improve the efficiency of the solar power generation system. The market potential is excellent. Taibo is building a new production line with a capacity of 36700 tons

under the operation thinking of "electronization of traditional industry" of Taibo, electronic grade ultra-thin glass that can be used in iPad grade and materials of the same grade as iPhone, Taibo has planned to build factories in Changbin, Taiwan and Huai'an, the mainland respectively. In addition, electronic grade glass fiber cloth and glass fiber bundle used in PCB have also been planned to build factories in Chengdu and Bengbu, and nearly 100000 tons of new capacity can be put into use in the future

Lin Boshi stressed that the competition in the traditional glass market is too fierce. The future trend of Taiwan glass is to integrate upstream, midstream and downstream, and develop processing products such as green energy, bioenergy and electronic grade. He believes that the scale of Taiwan Glass Group will surely rise to the level of world-class enterprises in the future

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