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Facebook launches messenger rooms to enter the video conference market

on April 25, according to foreign media reports, social networking giant Facebook is launching a series of new products to expand its chat function based on the impact of friction changes in the experimental machine. The company recently released messenger rooms, which can accommodate up to 50 people for free group video chat

at the same time, the company also expanded the video call function on WhatsApp from 4 people to 8 people. Video calls have been added to Facebook dating, and new live broadcast functions have been added to Facebook and instagram

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced these functions during the live broadcast. In an interview, he said that the new video function was designed according to the company's transformation to create more private information tools

Zuckerberg said: video presentation is not a new leader for us. There is a sub oil cylinder field at the top of the two grippers respectively, but this is an area we hope to go deeper, which is in line with the overall plan, that is, we are transferring more resources in the company to private communication and private social platforms, not just traditional platforms. Therefore, this is a good combination: we are building tools in Facebook and instagram to help people find smaller groups, then establish closer contacts with them, and be able to have private meetings

these measures come at a time when the global covid-19 epidemic has forced hundreds of millions of people to stay indoors, and almost all work, study and entertainment rely on digital tools. Now more than 700million people call on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp every day

but competitors are also proliferating. Zoom was initially a simple commercial video conferencing tool, but its users have surged from 10million in December last year to more than 300million today. Houseparty is an app for virtual parties with friends. Facebook cloned the app before giving it up last year. Now it often hovers at the top of the app store download rankings. In the past month, it has received 50million users

the rapid growth of alternative social products has worried Facebook, which is famous for its paranoia. The company has invested a lot of resources to monitor the development of emerging social products, and then acquired the companies behind them or copied their functions. Although we are still in the early months of the outbreak, it is clear that consumer behavior is changing to cope with this situation, and Facebook's existing product lineup has not yet met demand

here are some features:

of all the newly announced products, Messenger rooms may be the most important. Facebook said that this feature will be launched worldwide in the next few weeks, allowing up to 50 people to join the call. The creator of the room can decide whether it is open to everyone or lock it to prevent uninvited guests from joining. Users can create rooms from messenger and Facebook, and then transfer rooms to instagram direct, WhatsApp and portal. Guests can join the room, whether they have a Facebook account or not

in messenger rooms, users can play Facebook's ar filter, or replace your real background with a virtual background. The company said that some backgrounds provide a great 360 degree view. A series of new ar filters will help illuminate dark rooms or polish the appearance of users. Messenger rooms calls are not encrypted end-to-end, but Facebook said it would not view or monitor calls. The creator of the room can delete participants at any time, and the room with illegal behavior can send a warning to Facebook

when zoom became the most popular conference application in the world, malicious behaviors such as racism, paranoia and pornographic content surged, disrupting conferences around the world. Zuckerberg said that the design of messenger rooms has strong privacy control. This function depends on loosening your contact with friends and family in real life, which makes it less likely to be used to harass people. For groups that people don't know each other, the creator can drive them out of the room

Zuckerberg said: in the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time on this matter, because we have been building this product. The certification provided by Lloyd's Quality Certification Co., Ltd. covers the whole process of PEEK polymer compound pellets (containing polymers and fillers) from pellet production to shipment, and is ready to launch. I spend a lot of time on privacy, security and integrity review. How can we ensure that many use cases with problems around zoom will not be repeated here

in addition to messenger rooms, Facebook live will add a new feature called live with, so that users can invite another person to watch streaming media with them. The donation button will be available in the live stream, allowing users to raise funds directly through the broadcast where there are fund-raising activities

instagram will begin to allow users to publish it to igtv and instagram stories after completing the live broadcast, and instagram live broadcast will be available on the desktop for the first time. The company said that users using Facebook portal will also be able to access pages and groups in real time

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