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After the extension of the full print exhibition, the scale continues to expand, and the booth area is in short supply

this news is from China. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the aging resistance of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be affected. The "2003 China International full Print Exhibition" hosted by the printing technology association, the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd, Due to SARS, it has been postponed to October 29 to November 1 this year in hall 3, 4 and 5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. After the extension, the primary problem faced by the organizers is to solve the contradiction between the supply and demand of booth area

although the delay has brought many inconveniences to exhibitors, the "all Print Exhibition" has received the understanding and support of the vast majority of exhibitors. Major exhibitors have said that they will continue to participate in the exhibition at the original scale, so the bending specimen should have sufficient length. Some major exhibitors, such as Heidelberg China Limited and Agfa (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., even request to expand the exhibition area. By the end of May, the organizers had received more than 30 exhibitors' applications and asked to join the All India exhibition. The booth area gap reached more than 2000 square meters. At present, the organizer is planning to expand the exhibition area to meet the demand

after the extension of the all print exhibition, the exhibition hall will also change accordingly. The originally scheduled exhibition halls 2, 3 and 4 will be changed to exhibition halls 3, 4 and 5. The exhibition hall where the exhibitors are located will export fertilizers and pesticides, plastic and rubber products and fine chemical products at the same time. It will move one hall northward in parallel from the original exhibition hall, and the layout and booth arrangement in the hall will remain basically unchanged

at present, the organizers are implementing the instructions of the CPC Central Committee on combating SARS, adhering to production and developing the economy, and are working hard to prepare for a new victory after the victory in the fight against SARS

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