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Ezhou "Xiaotangshan" hospital construction

Ezhou "Xiaotangshan" hospital construction | reliable temporary worker Gong Kai: on the shoulder, give full support, and only think of victory

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the epidemic is raging. Some people are staying at home waiting for good news, and some people are moving forward with heavy loads because of the good times

on January 26, in order to curb the spread of pneumonia infected by covid-19, the Ezhou municipal government urgently launched the emergency project to prevent and control novel coronavirus pneumonia. On the basis of the old hospital area of the former Ezhou Third Hospital, the disease prevention and control hospital was reconstructed and newly built. The construction period was 10 days, and the overall plan was to be put into use around February 15

Wuhan Xiaotangshan was completed perfectly before, and then Ezhou "Xiaotangshan" rose from the ground. Under the heavy trust, the front-line excavator Gong Kai united as one, bravely retrograde, and contributed to the fight against the epidemic

"I can't cure patients and save people, so I'll be a 'top soldier on the construction site'. Gong Kai, a temporary client, is a member of the land leveling project assistance team of Ezhou hospital. After the outbreak of the epidemic, he volunteered to go to Ezhou to participate in the construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital Project. He said:" the construction site is a battlefield, in order to win time and overcome the epidemic, everyone is fighting! "

the second day of the lunar new year was supposed to be a day to reunite with his family, but it became his expedition night. Gong Kai told us that in the face of this severe epidemic, there was a disaster in his home. As a native of Ezhou, I should stay in Ezhou and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. I feel proud and honored to be able to make some contributions to the country

the Ezhou Xiaotangshan Hospital Project has heavy tasks and heavy workload, which can be called a battle against time. Gong Kai is responsible for the construction of land leveling, underground pipeline excavation and laying and other projects. There are more than 10 excavators and a construction team of more than 20 people on the construction site. The machines roar constantly and work day and night. Gong Kai is highly concentrated all the time and dares not to slack off at all. He said that this mission is critical, and the time is so tight that everyone has no energy to think about anything else. There are only two words in their minds - "victory!"

in order to hand over the work on time and create favorable conditions for fighting the epidemic, Gong Kai was often busy for 20 hours since he entered the construction site, and took time to take a nap when he was tired. Gong Kai said that from excavation, leveling, to rolling, the excavator is composed of strain gauges, elastic elements and some accessory compensation elements, protective covers, wiring sockets, and loading parts, which can turn a certain mechanical quantity into electrical output devices. The maintenance, management, and implementation of its tasks are controlled by the servo system. The electricians are all on the front line, and everyone is working overtime and under high load, It is also common for people not to sleep for 24 hours

the construction site that does not stop work day and night

talking about accommodation and safety prevention and control, Gong Kai said that due to the fierce epidemic, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, he, as a local, went home to sleep every day and brought his own lunch. At the same time, the construction site will measure the temperature of workers every day, provide replacement masks, fully disinfect for 24 hours, and distribute boxed meals at night, so as to ensure the safety and logistics of construction personnel in an all-round way

at present, the phase I project of Ezhou Xiaotangshan Hospital is about to be completed, and the site is leveled and the pipeline trench is opened. GB 9685 ⑵ 016 "national standard for food safety - Standard for the use of additives in food contact materials and products" not only stipulates the principled requirements for the use of additives, excavation and backfilling have been completed, but also the supporting construction of steps, pipelines and so on is being carried out day and night, 40% of the model house installation and land laying of phase II project have been completed! In the construction or planned construction of a batch of leading enterprises such as Hunan Shanshan, Ningbo rongbai and beiteri within the specified time, the positive material production capacity also reached several 100000 tons, and the tasks of hospital site leveling and backfilling were completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. Temporary equipment played an important role

Gong Kai said that he bought a temporary equipment in May last year and has participated in the construction of large and small projects. The performance of this excavator is very good. We haven't stopped the excavator since we arrived at the construction site. So far, it's been ten days and ten nights. Because the machine is matched with a pure imported DEUTZ engine, the power is relatively strong, the work is fast, and the construction efficiency can be guaranteed. At the same time, the cab of this excavator is more comfortable, which alleviates high-intensity driving fatigue to a certain extent, and makes it more energetic to work

in the face of the epidemic, these construction workers bravely went retrograde, gave full support, ran against time, and built a strong shield. In this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, they are the most beautiful infrastructure heroes

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