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Ezhou sesame realizes mechanical harvesting cost savings of more than 13%

recently, in the 80 mu mature sesame field on the Bank of the Yangtze River in Luohu village, Huarong District Town, Ezhou City, Li Baosheng, a large farmer, drove a combine harvester and circled the sesame field

I saw that the sesame stalks were swallowed into the harvester, and the crushed straw was constantly spit back to the field from the regular tail of the system. The sesame after threshing and cleaning was stored in the storage box on the harvester. Soon, a large area of sesame was harvested. The efficiency is so high that dozens or hundreds of people can't catch up

this is the on-site observation meeting of sesame machine harvest held by the Institute of oil crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. China's Sesame machine harvest has become stronger. It is understood that the cost of planting sesame seeds can be reduced to 300 yuan per mu after the realization of precision sowing, fertilization, efficient spraying, and the mechanization of the whole process of joint harvesting. Compared with local ordinary farmers, the cost can be saved by 13%, and the waterproof project is also a separate subcontracting project, with an increase of more than 10% per mu, making sesame production more competitive in the market

the cotton planting area in Hubei Province has decreased from more than 8 million mu in 2008 to more than 3 million mu. Experts believe that 1/3 of the reduced 5million mu can be converted to biodegradable sesame seeds, so that the sesame planting area in Hubei Province can rise from the current 1.35 million mu to more than 3 million mu, restoring to the historical highest area of 3.31 million mu in 1955. It seems that the mechanization of the whole process is of great significance to sesame production. At that time, we will be able to eat more fragrant sesame oil, hot and dry noodles and sesame paste

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