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F5 new solution helps communication service providers increase revenue service

big IP policy enforcement manager enables communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver a number of core services on a highly scalable unified platform while reducing infrastructure costs

f5 networks, Inc. announced today that F5 BIG-IP strategy execution manager (PEM) will be added to the solution product portfolio of mobile service providers in response to the innovative scientific research team of advanced electronic packaging materials led by Academician Wang Zhengping and researcher sun Rong of the advanced materials research center of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The manager perfectly combines the structural (base material) advantages of F5 intelligent traffic oriented function function with the environment aware strategy implementation solution, providing high visibility and analysis capabilities for user behavior, applications and networks, helping service providers optimize network performance, launch new services, achieve revenue generation, and more effectively control costs. Based on F5 intelligent service architecture, new products provide a unified solution for service providers, so as to optimize service delivery and security, and turn services into revenue

f5 Hui Xian Xu, managing director of Hong Kong and Taiwan, said: service providers are now facing a lot of challenges, including the continuous growth of mobile users and applications, the continuous decline of average revenue per user (ARPU), increasingly complex security threats, and the sharp increase in infrastructure costs. For them, these costs and network complexity will continue to increase, because so far, they are still deployed as a single point solution through core services. However, with the help of BIG-IP policy execution manager, service providers can deliver multiple services on a single integrated platform without any impact on performance and scalability


big-ip PEM is the latest product of F5 intelligent service architecture. Over the years, BIG-IP system has provided a number of core services that are crucial to service providers, including intelligent traffic guidance, TCP optimization and DNS services. Recently, F5 has also released some ancillary components of the platform, including BIG-IP Telecom class NAT and BIG-IP advanced firewall manager. All are provided in the form of modules, stand-alone solutions or virtual versions of BIG-IP systems

with the help of BIG-IP PEM, service providers can now classify traffic according to application and user behavior, which may require external release agents, and implement strategies. BIG-IP PEM also provides a complete report for users and application flows, and is integrated with the billing subsystem to authorize operators to control credit status in real time

big-ip PEM has passed the test of third-party policy and billing rule function (PCRF) manufacturers, and conforms to the latest 3GPP standard of policy and billing execution function (PCEF)

big-ip PEM can help customers:

support new business models to promote the revenue growth of the first production line - BIG-IP PEM has comprehensive analysis and environmental awareness functions, providing service providers with high visibility into network conditions and user behavior. With this intelligence, service providers can more effectively control their networks and more easily develop innovative user suites and new service products that can be implemented quickly

improve the efficiency of value-added services in order to maintain competitive advantage, service providers have to continue to launch new value-added services (VAS) such as video optimization, parental control and Web caching. However, these have increased costs and network complexity. BIG-IP PEM can help service providers effectively address these challenges. When placed in front of the vas server, the BIG-IP PEM can not only detect the user traffic in the network, but also intelligently route the relevant traffic to the appropriate VAS platform, thereby improving the utilization efficiency of these resources

realize the virtualization of core network elements. BIG-IP PEM can cooperate with the virtual coordination system to supply and remove vas servers according to real-time users and network traffic conditions, so that service providers can realize network function Virtualization (nfv). Therefore, service providers can effectively cope with extreme traffic peaks and troughs

realize the scalability and performance of telecommunication level. BIG-IP PEM can run on the F5 high-performance hardware platform viprion. When running on F5's latest viprion c4800 product, BIG-IP PEM enables service providers to achieve a 7-layer throughput of up to 320 GB per second on a single device, support up to 72 million concurrent connections, and provide services to up to 96 million users

reduce cost and network complexity BIG-IP PEM can support the delivery of multiple core services on a single integrated platform delivery architecture, so that service providers do not need to use multi-point solutions, thereby simplifying the network and reducing costs. Service providers can use the BIG-IP system to further reduce costs, because the system can support service providers to smoothly transition their 2G and 3G networks to LTE and IPv6 networks

in addition, when the BIG-IP PEM runs on the viprion hardware, the core services can be delivered on any blade, which provides the service provider with the flexibility of choice, while avoiding the necessary and additional expenses of storing service dedicated blades

Customer examples

DEB osswald, vice president of telecommunications operations, IDC research department, said: F5's new solution provides telecommunications operators with an important function they urgently need, and brings opportunities for rapid market growth. The perfect combination of strategy implementation, traffic guidance and bandwidth control forms a powerful functional combination, so that service providers can provide differentiated solutions that surpass competitors, and attract more customers through these network centric features

launch time

big-ip policy execution manager (PEM), BIG-IP Telecom NAT and BIG-IP advanced firewall manager are now available

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