After the hottest BOE, sharp competes to be Apple'

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After BOE, sharp competed to be Apple's OLED panel supplier

if the probability of becoming an apple industrial chain supplier is equivalent to going out to pick up money, then the probability of becoming an apple OLED panel supplier is probably going out to pick up a golden mountain The reason for saying this is that even today, Samsung is the only one that can become Apple's iPhone X Series OLED panel supplier. LG, which was once favored, was finally out because of mass production

as the largest smart market in the world, China has never been a major supplier/power of smart components. As for core components, such as core 5, it is not allowed to disassemble local chips, systems, cameras, etc. without authorization, but this does not mean that we have nothing. In fact, China's progress in components in the past two years is also commendable, Even compared with Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, there is still a big gap. As the world's leading large LCD panel manufacturer, BOE has increased its investment and research and development in OLED panel business in the past two years. At present, it has achieved mass production. After reaching a cooperation agreement with Huawei, BOE has been striving to enter the supply chain of Apple's next-generation iPhone X. however, a few days ago, another Chinese enterprise announced that it will achieve mass production of OLED panels, which is expected to be launched at home in the autumn, Strive to become Apple OLED panel supplier next year

this enterprise is Foxconn, and the OELD panel manufacturer is sharp, the king of liquid crystal in Japan, which was previously acquired by it. Sharp's deputy president Yoshimi Nomura said a few days ago that sharp's OLED panels have been mass produced in June, with a monthly production capacity of about 22000 glass substrates. This autumn, sharp's OLED panels will be launched with sharp's own smart, but it is clear that sharp's own sales are a little helpless, So sharp is targeting the supply chain of Apple iPhone and other smart manufacturers

at present, there are only a few manufacturers that can mass produce OLED panels in the world, and they can be called Samsung, LG, BOE, Hehui optoelectronics, Tianma and sharp. However, the competition in this industry is gradually entering an unprecedented fierce state. In Q2, the profit of Samsung's display department was only 140billion won, Unlike laser sintering, this is the only way to prove whether what we are saying is true or false, with a sharp drop of 1.58 trillion won. The reason is that OLED panels are mostly used in high-end machines, and the purchase volume of high-end machines is obviously limited

in the past many years, we have many enterprises' external publicity and technological breakthroughs, etc., but like the previous "chip fever", many disappeared in an instant. Now OELD has frequent good news, but does it know whether it is false prosperity or strong rise? So how do you view the development status of domestic OLED panels

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