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Comparison of functional characteristics of fabcost, sigmanest and FastCAM software

Dongda software manufacturing material cost planning and management system - the basic functions of fabcost system are:

· fabcost is a system software specially developed for manufacturing enterprise material planning and management, whose strength can reach 200 times that of steel. Combined with other application software resources of the enterprise, it can realize the refined management of enterprise materials and achieve a high degree of integration of manufacturing information

· take the production order as the project, through the project management mode, carry out rapid layout, cycle optimization, multi scheme comparison, and optimization of the layout mode that is not only suitable for the current process status, but also can maximize the utilization rate of materials. Then picking production is carried out according to the production task Beckman said

· the layout drawing can directly generate the NC code identified by the NC plasma, NC flame cutting, water cutting, laser cutting and stamping composite machine tools, so as to drive the machine tools to process, thus ensuring the consistency between the manufacturing material process plan and the actual manufacturing

· record the historical data of the project layout, so as to facilitate the adjustment of the layout scheme, and be flexible in the changes of market orders, purchased sheet metal specifications and production changes

· support the copy and reference of tasks, which can facilitate the process personnel to re optimize the cutting of a task. At the same time, you can reference similar products in the past, and learn from the layout data of previous tasks, so as to save time and energy

· personnel and authority management, the system has set up a variety of personnel application roles, including process personnel, process management personnel, warehouse keeper, material preparation workshop operator, financial personnel, etc., which will facilitate the practical application of enterprises

· perfect operation log, and the system will automatically record the operation log of relevant personnel for future query and traceability

· the surplus materials produced in production are managed in a centralized and orderly manner, and integrated with ERP surplus material inventory information. The principle of giving priority to the use of excess material plates to obtain the optimal layout scheme. After cutting, the grade of residual materials shall be identified according to a, B, C and D, and the residual materials shall be effectively managed

· take the minimization of surplus materials as the goal, and give priority to the layout calculation of surplus materials; The system can give priority to the use of surplus materials according to the requirements. Through systematic screening, select the remaining materials that can be arranged, and give the layout diagram and layout results; Making the surplus materials controlled under certain management methods will save part of the material cost for the enterprise, so as to improve the competitiveness of products in disguised form

· generate residual material cards and require warehousing according to the cards. After the surplus materials are warehoused, the relevant departments can regard the existence of the surplus materials as the optional materials for typesetting according to the warehousing information. The tracking and utilization of surplus materials are reflected in: the planned quantity of surplus materials recovered, the actual quantity of surplus materials recovered, the quantity of surplus materials used, the actual inventory of surplus materials, and directly reflect the cost saved for the company by the reuse of surplus materials

· adopt report form or histogram for data statistics, and adopt more scientific calculation methods than traditional methods in terms of material utilization and cost calculation, which conforms to the actual situation of material cost, and provides scientific basis for production decision-making of enterprises

· accurate material planning can help enterprises estimate the manufacturing cost in marketing. In addition, it can carry out sizing optimization and determine the size of material supply, that is, put forward management requirements for the supply chain

· ERP that the enterprise has invested. One of the important parts of ERP interface is the product material BOM. The traditional approach is to manually input the necessary data to form a channel, and there is an island of information between the actual systems. Material quota involves the manufacturing cost and purchase BOM of products. It is a variation of process bom and product BOM in the manufacturing chain of enterprises

· fabcost will output material quota process cards, layout cards and quota summary tables to provide correct data for ERP

· according to the needs of the enterprise, the production process management module can be added to control each link of production to be consistent with the process plan, which is used to track and manage the intermediate process data of a series of processes from layout drawing to application issuance to change and completion, and accurately maintain and manage the layout drawing status and version data

from the above points, it can be concluded that the purpose of fabcost system is to effectively solve the problems of rapid material cost accounting (for product quotation), material sizing procurement, nesting optimization, automatic generation of process quota details, project management, reduction of excess material inventory, production change management, improvement of material utilization and integration with other informatization of enterprises, so as to save and control the cost of materials for enterprises, improve actual work efficiency A practical solution to improve the competitiveness of our company

thinking - Digital optimization and automatic sheet metal cutting. The basic functions of sigmanest are:

· sigmanest is a software designed for automatic nesting and NC programming of CNC sheet metal plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water cutting, laser cutting and stamping compound machine tools

· using sigmanest can improve the utilization rate of materials

· reduce waste

· make effective use of equipment consumables, such as flame gas, cutting torch and optical devices

· reduce the cost of each part

· improve the machining efficiency of the machine tool by optimizing the cutting trajectory

· consistently obtain the appropriate part quality

· support the latest Windows operating system, including SQL and NET;

· nesting and programming can be carried out

· sigmanest provides an easy-to-use advanced working method for NC programmers

the basic functions of the automatic programming nesting software FastCAM are:

· the fully automatic common edge nesting function is to realize the automatic common edge of rectangular parts and non rectangular parts in the process of automatic nesting, that is, the automatic common edge and continuous cutting of different parts without manual work. In order to prevent and avoid thermal cutting deformation, the cutting direction and the position of perforation points are automatically processed, and the cut edges are borrowed to directly preheat the cutting, Avoid perforation

· dxf/dwg drawing extraction, fragmentation and sorting function: used for automatic and efficient connection between AutoCAD software and FastCAM software, and batch import dxf/dwg part drawings

· CAD drawing function: mainly used for users who cannot draw with AutoCAD and users who want to learn to master simpler and faster drawing methods

· nesting of various formats, including dxf/dwg/cam/nc files

· set automatic nesting of parts by row, column and matrix

· efficient cutting function: any continuous cutting function specially developed for plasma and laser cutting, matrix and continuous cutting nesting function developed for common edge continuous cutting

· support flame, plasma, laser and water jet cutting, powder spraying and scribing, and layered and multilayer cutting process

· fully support windows98/2000/nt/xp/Vista operating system

through the comparison of the functional characteristics of the above three companies, we recommend using the manufacturing material cost planning and management system of Dongda software - fabcost system for the following reasons:

1. Sigmanest and FastCAM are material nesting and programming software based on the machine tool workbench, while fabcost system is a material cost planning and management system based on the planning level of enterprise process materials, nesting Programming is only a functional module of fabcost system, 96 interface permeable waterproof coating block

2. From the perspective of current practical application, sigmanest and FastCAM are only applicable to automatic nesting and NC programming of plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting, laser cutting and stamping compound machine tools, not applicable to plate shears

3. Sigmanest and FastCAM cannot centrally and orderly manage the surplus materials generated in production, while fabcost system centrally and orderly manages the surplus materials generated in production in the form of project management, which is integrated with ERP surplus inventory information. Make the surplus materials under certain management methods to be controlled, save some material costs for enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of products in disguised form

4. Sigmanest and FastCAM are nesting and programming based on file form, while fabcost system is a material cost planning and management system based on database form, which is easy to record the historical data of project layout, facilitate the adjustment of layout scheme, and be flexible in the changes of market orders, purchase sheet metal specifications, and production changes (convenient for project query, change, statistics, etc.)

5. The fabcost system supports the copy and reference of tasks, which can facilitate the process personnel to re optimize the cutting of a task. At the same time, it can reference similar products in the past and draw lessons from the nesting data of previous tasks, so as to save time and energy

6. Fabcost system supports personalized card and report generation

7. To meet the needs of simultaneous production of multiple orders, fabcost system takes production orders as projects and adopts multi project parallel management mode to meet the needs of production

8. Fabcost system can not only operate independently, but also integrate with other enterprise information systems such as ERP system. The integration with ERP improves the utilization of ERP and other software and hardware resources; At the same time, it solves the long-term problem of enterprises' conversion from product BOM to manufacturing BOM and material purchase BOM

9. Fabcost system can improve the information flow of enterprises and output the relevant data of manufacturing materials required by enterprise management to other enterprise information systems, including the summary of cards and reports, the information exchange with enterprise material inventory, the information exchange and sharing of surplus material inventory, the import of main production plan (manufacturing order), etc

10. Successful application cases of fabcost system in the field of railway freight cars and non-standard equipment: CSR Meishan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., CSR Changjiang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., CNR Qiqihar rail transit is the production base of coking coal and power coal with the most complete variety in China and the largest nylon chemical production base in Asia. Tongyu Equipment Co., Ltd., CIMC Dongyue special vehicle factory, CIMC Ruijiang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Penglai Jutao ocean Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (end)

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