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Facts have proved that if "beauty" is not enough, you can't keep customers

facts have proved that if "appearance" is not enough, you can't keep customers

2018 surpass from single function to multiple control modes - China Construction machinery information

if clothes are people's first business card, then the display in the store is the most important business card of tire people

the display of goods is not only an art, but also a science. It is an important bridge for us to communicate with customers and can add points to sales. The small tire store contains great wisdom. Today, let's follow the popular players in the northwest division of Zhongce "the most beautiful exhibitor" to interpret the mystery

let customers feel at ease and comfortable to use - yuanchangjun tire service center in Guangshan County, Henan Province

first of all, signboards are the first element that strikes customers' hearts, and many transactions are based on the first feeling

secondly, the placement of tires determines the temperament of an image store

finally, the most important point is that brands are the key to success, and trusted big brands can be used with confidence

Build a batch of industrial innovation service complexes in the field of new materials

sanitation in every corner can not be ignored - the sanitation of Chaoyang tire image store in Qionglai City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

tire store is often the most easily overlooked detail. However, the store environment can convey a lot of information from the side. Imagine how a space full of debris and oil can be trusted by customers

accurately transmit product information - Mingyan tire collection in Wuyang County, Luohe City, Henan Province

display is a comprehensive art of storefront, which regularly displays tires to customers, arranges them in order according to the speed, pattern, size and production date of tires, and quickly and accurately transmits the appearance, performance and characteristics of tires to customers, so as to speed up the transaction process

take the interests of consumers as the starting point to convey the brand commitment - Xinjiang Yumin County zitele Automobile beauty maintenance center

presents the most beautiful side of the store to customers at any time, and from the interests of consumers, brings more cost-effective products to consumers, conveys the commitment of the brand, so as to build a bridge between the brand spirit and consumers

neat display depends on persistence - the electromechanical reverse lifting frame of xiruntian tire service in Yanjin County, Henan province runs from top to bottom. When it reaches the lower limit, it will be in full contact with the drop hammer. It is not difficult for the current affairs center to make a clean and tidy display. The difficulty is to do a good display for a long time. The word "persistence" is the key to distance you from other shopkeepers

the most beautiful Chen Liejia, waiting for you to show

2018 Zhongce Rubber's second stop, the competition in the northwest division, is in full swing. All shopkeepers have interpreted the definition of the most beautiful display in their minds. Have you got so many tricks

the activity continues. It's never too late to register on the official platform of Zhongce Rubber

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